New project begin :: iD2CNC v.2.0 (Aluminum CNC )



    Now i need to present to you by showing my new design and work log for do my new CNC. This CNC will change from my old one by using dual x-axis ballscrew.
OK, Let’s go to start to see my design.

Final design (revise 9th) ::





Specification ::
X-Axis :: Working area 700mm
Y-Axis :: Working area 520mm
Z-Axis :: Working area 120mm

X-Axis :: Using SBR Rail ,Dual ballscrew and drive
Y-Axis :: Using SBR Rail
Z-Axis :: Using Linear guide

Spindle :: 1.5KW Water Cooled ER16 + Inverter

Overall dimension:: 1000x860mmx550mm

Update 12/07/2013 (dd/mm/yyyy) ::

I just change my design at last minute before go to start drill and assembly them by change Y-Axis aluminum profile size from 40×40 + 40×80 –> 60×60 + 60x60mm  , this will make it much more rigid and no need to drill an aluminum profile but it mean cost is higher than first design.



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