iD2CNC Plan v.2.1 (SALE)

iD2CNC :: CNC Router Plan v.2.1 CNC Plan price = $24.99 Buy it from Ebay Buy it through Paypal *** Sorry for an inconvenient , but if you don’t have Ebay account you can pay through Paypal  or if  you want me to send you a Paypal Request then please send your Paypal email to … Continue reading iD2CNC Plan v.2.1 (SALE)


iD2CNC-SS v.1.0 CNC Plan price = $24.99 Buy it through Paypal   The new plans of iD2CNC SS v.1.0 . iD2CNC-SS Machine v.1.0 Specification (65cm x 45cm x 15cm , XYZ) :: – Machine working area 650mm x 450mm. – Machine size 1,050mm x 800mm x 750mm (width (X) x length (Y)  x height (Z)). … Continue reading iD2CNC-SS v.1.0 PLAN (SALE)

iD2CNC-SP v.1.0 (SOON)

The new plans of iD2CNC SP v.1.0 will release soon. The plan contains 6 different size of machine as detail below. iD2CNC-SP Machine v.1.0 Specification (65cm x 65cm x 15cm , XYZ) :: – Machine working area 650mm x 650mm x 150mm , XYZ. – Machine size 950mm x 1,050mm x 780mm (width (X) x … Continue reading iD2CNC-SP v.1.0 (SOON)

iD2CNC-LR15 v.1.0 PLAN (Soon)

Coming soon !!! This Plan and machine with release soon. This machine design by using Linear guide way, compatible with “HIWIN HGH 15 CA” / Standard Linear “HSR 15 CR”.